Kitchen Extraction & Grease Ducting Cleaning

The team at Carlton Cleaning are experienced at carrying out commercial kitchen extraction and grease ducting cleaning in Hull, Birmingham and Lincolnshire

Regular commercial kitchen extraction and grease duct cleaning is essential to prevent the build up of fats, oils and greasy deposits. When these accumulate, they become carbonised and create a major fire hazard. This is where we can help with kitchen extraction cleaning in Sheffield, Hull, Birmingham, Grantham and Lincolnshire.

Contact us today to discuss your kitchen cleaning requirements. All of our team at Carlton Cleaning are fully qualified and experienced with commercial kitchen extraction cleaning, conforming with TR19 regulations. All work is undertaken in accordance to current guidelines and will be certified on completion, together with a detailed post clean report.

The latest professional equipment, experienced team and expert training ensure we deliver results

Specialist Equipment

Specialist Equipment

We ensure we always have the best tools for the job to make sure it’s done right.

Established in 1998

Established in 1998

With a combined team experience of 40 years in the industry.

Fully Trained

Fully Trained

Everyone on our team is fully trained and the option is always there for us to learn more!

Fire Safety Risk

Fire Safety Risk

When grease becomes baked onto extraction systems this reduces the air flow, creating the perfect environment for bacterial growth. Both of these, combined with high kitchen temperatures can contribute to the spread of fires. When temperatures soar, the grease can easily become ignited and fire spreads through the confined duct.

Access Panels

Where there are access panels within the ducting the interior shall be thoroughly degreased to arm’s length and beyond where possible. If not, our team will install access panels at regular intervals to improve airflow helping to maintain a comfortable working temperature. This also ensures that the interior of the ducting is cleaned as systematically and thoroughly as possible.

Did you know that failure to have your commercial kitchen extraction system cleaned by an accredited company can lead to fire insurance policies being invalidated? So contact us today to future-proof your kitchen. Our expert team regularly carry out commercial kitchen extraction cleaning in Sheffield, Hull, Birmingham, Grantham and the surrounding areas.

Highly trained team

The team at Carlton Cleaning have recently undergone a rigorous and comprehensive 4 day training course in Liverpool. Ensuring that we are all using the latest best practices, in particular for grease ducting cleaning and kitchen extraction in Hull, Sheffield and the Midlands. The program involved carrying out the maintenance cleaning and degreasing of kitchen extraction ducting systems. All in line with the TR19 regulations (as approved by BESA).

BESA Approved

All of our company employees that attended passed with flying colours, and received their proficient certificates and cards issued by BESA.

When undertaking a full extraction system clean, both the interior and exterior of the canopy hood is degreased thoroughly. With particular attention being paid behind the filters which are cleaned to arm’s length. Our team remove the filters, and soak them in a powerful degreasing cleaning solution and then rinse and replace the filters.

Flexible Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

Flexible Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

Kitchen grease hygiene is a very important factor in the maintenance of standards within extraction and ducting systems. We undertake a full kitchen extraction system clean of both the canopy hood and the filters themselves during a clean. Access panels are also thoroughly degreased by our expert team, to aid the flow of air through the extraction system.

Kitchens are often the perfect breeding ground for both infection and disease. This is not only easily transferred to your customers, but your employees too. By choosing Carlton Cleaning to carry out your kitchen extraction and grease ducting cleaning, the spread of infection and fire risk is reduced. Our bespoke cleaning service is designed around your needs, and we are fully flexible. Cleans can be adapted around agreed operational hours that suit you.

We carry out kitchen extraction and grease duct cleaning in Mablethorpe, Spalding, Hull, Grimsby, Newark, Lincoln, Sheffield, Scunthorpe and many other areas within the Midlands including Birmingham. Please contact us today to discuss your individual requirements.

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