Why Hire A TR19 Trained Cleaning Company?

The TR19 standard has been around for some time now, and was originally created by the BESA (Building Engineers Society Association) in order to standardise kitchen extraction and grease duct cleaning. In 2019 the standard was reviewed, with a more detailed criteria being specified. When it comes to kitchen extraction cleaning, it is extremely important to hire a team that are TR19 compliant. This is because there is a high fire risk associated with commercial kitchens that have a build-up of grease deposits within their extraction systems.

TR19 Training

One important thing to know is that someone who works in kitchen duct cleaning is not classed as TR19 certified or qualified. TR19 is a document, so staff need to be educated and aware of the standards listed within this. By adhering to all the standards set out in the TR19 document, staff will be fully equipped to carry out kitchen duct extraction cleaning in a safe way. The team at Carlton Cleaning have all attended TR19 training, so you can rest assured that your kitchen extraction clean will be carried out to the very highest standards.

Reduce The Risk of Kitchen Fires

The build-up of grease and fatty deposits within a kitchen extraction system can significantly reduce the flow of air, which can lead to an increased fire risk. TR19 is a recognised standard that not only helps to measure the levels of grease within an extraction or duct system, but also explains the recommended cleaning frequency.

By hiring a TR19 trained kitchen extraction cleaning team they will ensure that regular grease cleaning is carried out to encourage regular airflow. Thus reducing the risk of a kitchen fire.

TR19 Is Important For Insurance

Many insurance companies are now using the TR19 standard within their policies too, stating that a premises’ kitchen should be cleaned to TR19 standards to reduce the risk of kitchen fires. If a kitchen fire backs up within a ventilation system, this could lead to disastrous consequences that aren’t just confined to the kitchen itself.

If your business does not maintain adherence to TR19, this could lead to an increased risk of fire within your commercial kitchen. As a result, you are likely to face higher insurance premiums. In the unfortunate event of a kitchen fire, your insurer may require you to show evidence of compliance to the TR19 regulations. If this cannot be provided, your claim could be void.

TR19 Trained Team

At Carlton Cleaning all of the kitchen extraction team are TR19 trained, and we also produce TR19 compliance reports as part of our kitchen deep cleaning service. This means that you can rest assured your kitchen extraction systems are well ventilated and any build-up of grease or fatty deposits will have been removed.

Please feel free to contact us today to find out more about the kitchen extraction and duct cleaning services that we offer throughout Lincolnshire and the Midlands.

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