Training with KHR Company Ltd

Last week was a slightly different schedule for the staff at Carlton Cleaning. With the latest advancements in the Lagler range of cleaning equipment, we wanted to keep up to date with the product range. So we embarked on a course at KHR Company Ltd.

The course focused on the use of the Lagler equipment, which are some of the best tools for floor cleaning & maintenance. The team at Carlton Cleaning are renowned for their expertise in this specialism, so keeping up with the latest skills are vital.

KHR Company Ltd

Founded back in 1981, KHR supplied floor sanding equipment to tradesmen within the local area of Southampton. They quickly grew, forming a close partnersnhip with the German manufacturere Lagler GmbH. This helped to expand their UK distribution, and KHR are now the major player in the floor sanding sector. They are renowned for providing the very best technical information on the Lagler range, which is why Carlton Cleaning decided to venture down to Southampton for expert training.

Sanding techniques

Whilst at KHR, the team learnt a whole host of sanding techniques to give an even better finish to normal. It really is amazing how precise you can get with the Lagler floor sanding machines!

We learnt a wide range of skills that are applicable to almost any floor refinishing project, with the basic principles forming the framework of our flooring cleaning services.

The operation methods that we learnt will be put to very good use, and we are now able to more easily provide quotes for customers. Taking things like the desired finish into consideration. With a greater knowledge of the simple sanding techniques, Carlton Cleaning can provide a bespoke flooring cleaning service. Specific to your individual requirements, contact us for a quote.

Flooring cleaning safety

As well as learning new sanding techniques, and applying this within a training zone, the team at Carlton Cleaning also received extensive safety training. This included maintenance, refitting and how to adjust Lagler cleaning machines, for an extended lifespan. We also received training on how to quickly rectify machine problems, to avoid delays to the job at hand. Something extremely useful, as we are always committed to providing the very best service for our clients.

KHR ran through a range of abrasives that are suitable to be used with the Lagler range. This means that not only are we able to carry out the very best flooring cleaning, but with those perfect finishing touches too.

Finally, the training concluded with wood dust safety – which included how to safely measure wood dust values, and working instructions too.

We would like to thank the team at KHR for our training, and look forward to putting it to good use with our future flooring cleaning and maintenance projects. We may well be back soon for another course!

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