Cleaning In Schools & Wellbeing – The Link

With budget cuts being a main concern within schools, cleaning is not top of the priority list. Recent research has been carried out which identified that in some cases, cleaning is actually being carried out by teaching staff. Resulting in lower standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Why is it important to have professional cleaning?

It is vital that school cleaning is carried out professionally to ensure a healthy, safe environment for students and staff. If staff carrying out cleaning are not trained in infection control or cross-contamination, for example, this could lead to serious consequences.

Flexibility is also something that is important when it comes to cleaning in schools. It is much more than just providing a clean working environment. Sometimes things can happen that are out of your control – meetings may overrun, and rooms may therefore be inaccessible for cleaning. By choosing a professional, experienced cleaning company, they understand these things can happen, and simply alter the cleaning schedule around this.

Keeping communication open

With many schools running after-school clubs and activities, it isn’t just as simple as providing an out-of-hours cleaning service. It may be that cleaning staff have to work around extended timetables and evening activities. By keeping a regular communication between clients, this ensures a smooth process, ensuring contracted hours are utilised efficiently.

Mental & physical wellbeing

Recent studies have also highlighted that some children actually avoid using the toilets at school because they are not maintained to a high standard. Small things like making sure there is enough toilet roll available, and a good stock of hand towels is actually really important.

By hiring professional cleaners to carry out school cleaning, you can rest assured that well-trained cleaning operatives provide the best service. If budgets are limited, cleaning staff can spend time prioritising high-risk areas first, which is information only an expert cleaner can provide. Infection control plays a major role in cleaning in schools, and is something that should be taken very seriously.

High standards of care

Going back to teachers having to fill the cleaning gap in some schools, this is definitely going to start causing some issues. Teachers are under enough pressure as it is to maintain high standards in other aspects of their work, it isn’t fair to ask them to carry out an additional role. By spreading them too thin it is going to mean that they will not be able to provide high standard cleaning services. Particularly if they are not qualified to do so!

A professional school cleaning company is a much better option to ensure cleaning complies with the latest ISO accreditations, and therefore ensuring high quality standards are executed. Parents need to feel that their children are being educated in a safe, secure and hygienic environment.

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