Why a regular school cleaning service is vital

It may seem obvious that keeping your school clean is helpful to both staff and pupils. But the benefits of a regular school kitchen cleaning service and deep cleans goes far beyond just cleanliness.

What does a school cleaning service entail?

Carlton Cleaning offer a variety of services for your school. From a regular daily cleaning service to preterm deep cleans and school kitchen cleaning. We offer a maintenance and caretaking service, this is something that can run alongside your regular cleaning contract or as a separate service. We are also able to maintain your carpet cleanliness, floors and windows.

Prior to carrying out our cleaning service, a member of the team will conduct a full assessment of the school in order to complete risk assessments and compile a full and transparent quote. Rest assured all our staff are fully DBS checked.

What are the benefits of a cleaning service (including school kitchen cleaning)?

Maintaining excellent levels of cleanliness in the learning environment is the best thing you can do for your staff, pupils and reputation. A clean schoolmeans a reduced risk in germs and infection meaning better attendance across staff and pupils. Cleaner classrooms, school kitchens & public areas will boost the morale of teachers and children. We’ve all heard the express tidy desk, tidy mind, never is this more true than in a learning environment. Less clutter and a clean environment means children can focus on their studies.

Deep cleans are also beneficial when it comes to longevity and maintenance of equipment. We understand the tight budgets schools often have to adhere to. So although an initial outlay for a deep clean service may seem daunting, in the long run it will save you money by keeping essential equipment clean and therefore in good working order.

A clean, well kept school will go a good way in boosting your reputation as an educational provider too. Parents hold cleanliness in high esteem and want to know that the school they’re sending their children to is going to be well maintained.

What are the best times to book a deep clean?

As you can imagine, taking advantage of the holiday periods is a great idea when it comes to deep cleans in schools. With the building free mostly from staff and students, our team can undertake an in-depth clean of all heavy traffic areas, bathrooms & school kitchen cleaning too.

We cover Grimsby, Lincoln, Hull, Newark, Brigg and beyond. For further information or a free quotation call one of the team on 01507 607986 or message via our contact page.

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