Newark flooring


We recently called to the ground floor of a 600 year old house in Newark, where the quarry tile floor needed some work and flooring restoration. If you have a floor that is in need of some attention, contact our expert team today.


We carried out a survey of exactly what was required, and then proceeded to carry out the work for our client. Have a look at the before and after photos and you can really see the difference we made.

Floor Cleaning - Case Study | Carlton Cleaning UK Ltd



The process was a long 3 stage one, first we had to scrub clean the floor with a neutral cleaner, extract and rinse out a couple of times. Once it was dry, we applied a quarry tile recommended impregnater to help seal the tiles, two coats were applied and then finally once dried 4 coats of a quarry Tile recommended self shining wax product was applied. This gave the final finish which will, with limited maintenance, provide the floor with years of protection from foot traffic and spillages.