Deep Cleaning – Industrial


Midlands Aerospace, based in Nottinghamshire is a huge purpose built facility, complete with manufacturing and fabrication areas. They carry out repairs and refurbishments for aircraft operators and maintenance organisations, including paintwork and treatments, mechanical assembly and also serving those that aren’t within the aerospace industry. 

Their core focus is to be a partner who provides a high quality solution, delivered at the required time. With a global reputation for quality and reliability, keeping their workspaces clean and hygienic is extremely important. With such an extensive setup, they called Carlton Cleaning in for extensive industrial factory cleaning of the Midlands unit earlier this year in May.


Midlands Aerospace required a substantial flooring clean around the machinery, fixtures and fittings, and both sides of the entry doors. The door frames and glass were also cleaned to the highest standard, as was the canteen flooring and woodwork within it.

Washroom deep cleaning was also carried out, which included the flooring areas and woodwork. As well as the interior of the factory, our team also carried out high level cleaning on the factory unit exterior panelling. First impressions are vital when entering a business like Midlands Aerospace, so we also cleaned the foyer entrance, woodwork, fixtures, fittings and the carpet within the foyer entrance. Giving visitors the very best first impression upon arrival.

Factory Cleaning - Case Study | Carlton Cleaning UK Ltd

Factory Cleaning

Floor Cleaning - Case Study | Carlton Cleaning UK Ltd


High Level Cleaning - Case Study | Carlton Cleaning UK Ltd

High Level

Washroom Cleaning - Case Study | Carlton Cleaning UK Ltd



In order to minimise disruption to the work being carried out at Midlands Aerospace, our team of highly skilled operatives carried out all of this work outside of usual operational hours, over two weekends (12.30pm – late on a Friday, and all day Saturday). We really do deliver a flexible, bespoke cleaning package tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.