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We were recently approached by a company who required high-level cleaning to be carried out in their busy factory. Flexibility is something we pride ourselves on here at Carlton Cleaning, and we always carry out cleaning work to reduce the level of disruption for our clients. This job was no exception, read on to find out more.


Condensation accumulates very easily in hard-to-reach areas within factory environments, and often it requires specialist cleaning equipment to remove them. That is why hiring a highly trained team of contract cleaners is a much safer and cost-effective option.

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Working through the night over a total of 6 evenings, our high-level cleaning team got to work quickly. By providing this service outside of usual operational hours, this meant there was no machinery downtime and therefore no disruption to either the client or production.

Using specialist food-safe cleaning products, they easily removed lots of mould spores that had built up on both the walls and ceiling. These had accumulated over time due to the high levels of condensation within the factory.

If you require high-level cleaning for your industrial property or factory, then please contact us today.