Vinyl Floor Cleaning


This recent vinyl floor cleaning job took us all the way to Filey in the East Riding of Yorkshire. We regularly carry out this vinyl floor cleaning service for the holiday resort customer at their Mablethorpe location. So it was nice to pop over to Filey to carry out floor cleaning for their holiday resort there! 


This was the first service that we carry out for our client in their Filey supermarket shop in order to keep their floor maintained to the highest standard. Ensuring not only the safety of their customers, but also helping to give the best first impression. The floor had received quite a bit of wear and tear, so our expert floor cleaning team got to work straight away.

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Floor Restoration Cleaning

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The floor was over 500 square metres, so this was not a small vinyl floor cleaning job by any means! It took our team 2 full days of work in order to clean it to our high standards.

We began by mechanically scrubbing the surface back to a clean condition, before applying 3 coats of floor protection seal. As you can see from the pictures, the finished shine was amazing. The manager was so delighted with the results and couldn’t thank us enough! Contact us today if you would like to know more about our floor cleaning service.