Primary School Hall Floor Cleaning


We often carry out full strip/removal of very old floor coatings. We then carry out full restoration, repair, and re-seal jobs as part of our flooring maintenance and restoration work. However, in this instance, we were asked to carry out a cosmetic makeover of this primary school hall floor.


School halls are the worst when it comes to wear. They often have regular assemblies, PE, and even temporary dinnertime services carried out on them. If they are not regularly maintained, they can become worn and lose their lustre properties very quickly.

This local primary school called us in to bring their hall floor back to life.

Floor Cleaning - Case Study | Carlton Cleaning UK LtdFloor Cleaning

Floor Restoration - Case Study | Carlton Cleaning UK LtdFloor Restoration

School Cleaning - Case Study | Carlton Cleaning UK LtdSchool Cleaning


We used graded micro mesh disks in order to remove 2-3 microns from the surface of the floor, whilst leaving the original floor lacquer. This provided a stable base in order to apply a top dressing. This was applied in 5 coats of a complete wood floor treatment.

The next day, after the floor had dried out overnight, we carried out a polish spray and burnished the floor. We melted the polymers in the polish into the floor to make it hard-wearing and durable. This will allow for an easier ongoing maintenance service of the floor.

Another happy customer, and a very shiny floor! Contact us today if you would like any further information on our school & college cleaning service, or our flooring maintenance & restoration service.