Leisure Centre Deep Cleaning


We were recently contacted by a local leisure centre who required deep cleaning to be carried out in their washrooms, changing areas and floor areas.

As with any public facility with a high footfall of visitors throughout both the day and night, scheduling cleaning whilst keeping the leisure centre open can be a challenge. However, the team at Carlton Cleaning worked closely with the client to develop a cleaning program that allowed them to stay open throughout, minimising the disruption to the business.


Our team set to work immediately, working their way around the entire leisure centre until it had been fully deep cleaned, and restored back to its original high standards of cleanliness. To begin with, we deep cleaned all the sanitary stations throughout the leisure centre, as well as descaling, deep cleaning and sanitising all shower heads, taps, shower cubicles, walls and tiled areas. Removing any dirt, dust and body fats that had accumulated since the previous deep clean. 


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The floor areas were sectioned off to avoid any disturbances to the visitors the team worked their way through the whole of the changing areas and toilets. The temperatures both inside the leisure Centre and outside made it very challenging and the team really did have their work cut out!  Using the latest specialist flooring machines and products they worked tirelessly to remove dirt, calcium and fats that had become ingrained in the floor.

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to deep cleaning.  Ensuring your premises gives your visitors the very best first impression, we recommend regular cleaning schedules are put in place. This not only helps to maintain the longevity of your premises but also prevents the requirement of investing in new flooring quite so regularly! 

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