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We were recently asked to carry out some high level cleaning in Newark for an office building that needed a little bit of attention. With water running down the window sills, this had caused streaks on the front of the building which didn’t look very professional at all.


The dirt streaks which you can see clearly in the ‘before’ picture proved to be a little challenging for the team. It actually resulted in the team having to hand wash the entire front of the building as the dirt was so engrained in! No job is ever too much for the team at Carlton Cleaning though, we always find a way.

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As well as carrying out a full frontal clean on the building, the team had to remove all the moss from the steps so that they could be safely used again. We received a lovely email through from the client following completion of this work:

“I just wanted to say what a fantastic job the team have done, they really went above and beyond to remove the staining on the cladding. We are really pleased with the finished result”.

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