High Level Cleaning In Gainsborough


This particular client is one that we recently carried out high level cleaning in Gainsborough for. Being a packaging manufacturer, you can imagine how quickly the place fills with dust and dirt! As they handle food packaging it also means they will be inspected by the BRC so high standard of cleanliness are a must.

By sticking to a regular contract cleaning schedule we not only keep the premises tidy but it improves the health & safety of the staff too. Using the very latest specialist high-level cleaning equipment, our staff got to work straight away.


This busy factory had accumulated a heavy build-up of dust and dirt over time, in particular around the pipework and machinery that were located at high levels. This accumulation is something that cannot be prevented, but it is important to keep the machines and pipes regularly cleaned in order to prevent any issues arising with the equipment.


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This was a very complex cleaning job, but our skilled, highly trained team of high-level cleaners were able to carry out a fantastic job as always. By working closely with the client, we were able to carry out the cleaning as the business continued to operate as normal. This resulted in no downtime for the business, which meant their operations could continue. Helping to save money and time for the business.

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