Industrial Cleaning in Spalding


This months job of the month for June was one-off deep industrial cleaning in Spalding, which we provided to Greencell Limited fruit and vegetable packers based in Spalding.

Greencell are an experienced supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables to the UK market, and they are continually investing in resources and development. Allowing them to provide the very best possible produce. With a firm focus on growing fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables, cleanliness is a major part of their process.


They had instructed us to carry out the industrial deep cleaning and factory cleaning on their citrus production line prior to an audit. Cleaning any food production unit is an important task as it is essential high standards of health and safety are adhered to. 

All of the team at Carlton Cleaning are highly qualified to ensure the highest levels of cleaning are carried out at all times. Read on to find out more about the project where we carried out industrial cleaning in Spalding.

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Industrial Cleaning

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Food safe


We achieved this using high powered steam pressure, pre-treated over two nights. Three operatives from our daily operation carried out the task. Contact us today for more information about the cleaning services we offer including industrial cleaning in Spalding, school cleaning in Spalding, high level cleaning and factory cleaning in Spalding.

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