Floor Cleaning – Twister Method


We were recently asked to carry out a job for one of our clients who needed floor cleaning but without the harsh chemicals that are usually used. They also wanted to reduce the maintenance that their floor received on a regular basis.


Introducing the Twister method of cleaning! Our team have recently undergone training for this new floor cleaning method and were delighted to be able to put their hard work into practice.

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Floor Cleaning


The Twister method of floor cleaning not only cleans the floor, but polishes the surface using traditional floor pads prepared with billions of microscopic diamonds.

Rather than using chemicals, Twister is a mechanical cleaning method that only requires water. The diamond impregnated side of the floor pad is coloured, and works as a wear indicator too. So when the colour is gone, the diamonds need replacing.

The great thing about the Twister method is it reduces the need for periodic floor maintenance, so costs are lower too.

Get in touch today if you are looking to transform a dull, worn floor to a clean, shiny and polished surface without any additional chemicals.