Office Cleaning – Where do Germs Lurk?

The average full time employee will spend 35% of their total waking hours at work. When it comes to office cleaning, you may be surprised to hear where germs lurk and why it’s important to maintain a clean office space.

Where do Germs Lurk?

Let’s start with the shocking facts… The average office desk is 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat. Office desks can harbour around 10 million bacteria. Think about that next time you sit down to lunch at your desk.

Keyboards, telephones, desk surfaces and your computer mouse are all prime candidates for those nasty little germs to reside.

How often do you clean your keyboard? 11% of office workers never clean theirs and 46% of workers sanitise their keyboard less than once a month. When it comes to viruses like the flu, these germs can remain active for up to 24 hours. As most germs and bugs are transferred by touch, just think about how much we come into contact with our office equipment and in-turn our faces, possessions, each other.

The impact of an unclean office

An unhealthy workforce equals an unproductive workforce. UK workers lose, on average, 9.1 days per year to sickness. Multiply this by the number of employees within your company and the time lost soon begins to stack up to a scarily large amount of days lost. Which means a loss of business and revenue.

What are the benefits of regular office cleaning?

If it’s not massively apparent already; a clean office equals a healthier workforce which means a more profitable business. It really is that simple. But maintaining a clean office space isn’t an easy task. Offices are busy places. The inevitable traffic of not just employees but visitors, contractors and even animals in some offices nowadays means a regular and professional cleaning service is vital in maintaining employee health.

If the big stuff is taken care of by the professionals you can then encourage your staff to do their bit too.

  • Set aside time in the working week for employees to clean their desks.
  • Supply antibacterial wipes and hand gel to maintain cleanliness.
  • If possible, ensure team members have somewhere comfortable and clean to take their lunches instead of grabbing it at their desks.

At Carlton Cleaning we offer a comprehensive and professional cleaning service for all your office needs. We can also advise on how to maintain office cleanliness in between visits. Why not contact a member of the team today to talk about how we can help keep you, your employees and your business as healthy as possible.