Restaurant Flue and Ducting Cleaning

During December Carlton Cleaning were contracted to carry out commercial cleaning and kitchen cleaning in Lincoln. We scrubbed extraction flues, ducting, internal and external cooker hoods and filters.

Restaurant One

At one Restaurant we carried out a full kitchen extraction clean – scrubbing up the extraction pipework, ducting from the bottom of the flue exit on U bend up to the roof tiles, and internal cooker hoods. This was done by initially scraping the grease away from the area first, followed by steam cleaning with a high pressure washer any grease that had become carbonised. Once this was complete, the roof tiles were then cleaned and floor cleaning was carried out to remove any oil, grease or debris left behind.

Restaurant Two

The second restaurant had a filthy kitchen, including oven hoods, deep fat fryer hood, sides of fryer and extraction pipe. The work was carried out using degreaser, scrapers, wire brushes/scourers, vacuum and industrial steamer. Carlton Cleaning carried out a full kitchen extraction cleaning service, resulting in a spotless restaurant kitchen.

Restaurants generally need this type of work to be carried out to ensure the areas are cleaned and to receive a hygiene certificate for insurance purposes.