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Great Plains UK – Sleaford

What the client needed…

Great Plains UK, located in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, recently appointed Carlton Cleaning UK Ltd, to undertake high level industrial cleaning within the manufacturing facility, where the agricultural machinery is produced and assembled.

The full clean was required above the oven, shot blast and paint units, including the monorail. As a benefit to the clean the ducting and cable tracks were included.

Highly trained specialists

The work was carried out by Carlton Cleaning IPAF specialist team, using a scissor lift and industrial vacuum cleaner. The team are fully trained and qualified in working in a wider range of commercial environments.

The before and after pictures show the excellent (and sometimes difficult) work carried out by our operatives.



M&H Plastics High Level Cleaning

Two of our most experienced high level cleaning operatives recently undertook a cleaning job at M&H Plastics, in Market Rasen. They were tasked with removing a long build up of dust from the blue steel framework, running the length of the unit. There was also an accumulation of dust from the yellow steel framework in the main injection area, and from the red water pipe to the rear of the building.

Using only the best mounted working platform (cherry picker), the team got to work straight away. As M&H plastics manufacture an extensive range of plastic packaging serving the pharmaceutical, healthcare, nutritional and household markets, it is vital they maintain high Health & Safety standards.

Carlton Cleaning used high powered industrial vacuum units, with specific tools attached, to ensure the very best high level cleaning. Using this specialist equipment ensured a high percentage (90%) of the dust was collected within the vacuum unit. Rather than it falling onto nearby machinery and reducing production time.

Before the high level cleaning commenced, our skilled cleaners ensured any production machinery was wrapped in protective sheeting, once the machinery was switched off. The team carried out the high level cleaning efficiently, and to the highest standard. Ensuring minimal downtime of the production machinery.

Here are some of the before and after photos, showcasing the skills of our expert high level cleaning team. Contact us today if you need high level cleaning or industrial cleaning carried out. We can time this around your business hours, reducing downtime of machinery.



Training with KHR Company Ltd

Last week was a slightly different schedule for the staff at Carlton Cleaning. With the latest advancements in the Lagler range of cleaning equipment, we wanted to keep up to date with the product range. So we embarked on a course at KHR Company Ltd.

The course focused on the use of the Lagler equipment, which are some of the best tools for flooring cleaning & maintenance. The team at Carlton Cleaning are renowned for their expertise in this specialism, so keeping up with the latest skills are vital.

KHR Company Ltd

Founded back in 1981, KHR supplied floor sanding equipment to tradesmen within the local area of Southampton. They quickly grew, forming a close partnersnhip with the German manufacturere Lagler GmbH. This helped to expand their UK distribution, and KHR are now the major player in the floor sanding sector. They are renowned for providing the very best technical information on the Lagler range, which is why Carlton Cleaning decided to venture down to Southampton for expert training.

Sanding techniques

Whilst at KHR, the team learnt a whole host of sanding techniques to give an even better finish to normal. It really is amazing how precise you can get with the Lagler floor sanding machines!

We learnt a wide range of skills that are applicable to almost any floor refinishing project, with the basic principles forming the framework of our flooring cleaning services.


The operation methods that we learnt will be put to very good use, and we are now able to more easily provide quotes for customers. Taking things like the desired finish into consideration. With a greater knowledge of the simple sanding techniques, Carlton Cleaning can provide a bespoke flooring cleaning service. Specific to your individual requirements.



Flooring cleaning safety

As well as learning new sanding techniques, and applying this within a training zone, the team at Carlton Cleaning also received extensive safety training. This included maintenance, refitting and how to adjust Lagler cleaning machines, for an extended lifespan. We also received training on how to quickly rectify machine problems, to avoid delays to the job at hand. Something extremely useful, as we are always committed to providing the very best service for our clients.

KHR ran through a range of abrasives that are suitable to be used with the Lagler range. This means that not only are we able to carry out the very best flooring cleaning, but with those perfect finishing touches too.

Finally, the training concluded with wood dust safety – which included how to safely measure wood dust values, and working instructions too.





We would like to thank the team at KHR for our training, and look forward to putting it to good use with our future flooring cleaning and maintenance projects. We may well be back soon for another course!



New cleaning equipment has arrived

Here at Carlton Cleaning HQ, we all got very excited when the delivery arrived containing our new cleaning equipment!  It means that we can provide an even better carpet cleaning service to our clients. This will make our office cleaning and commercial cleaning jobs that slightly bit easier, enabling us to improve our standards even further.

We purchased the all new ‘Enforcer’ (such a great name!) from Ashby’s Cleaning Equipment, who are based in Sittingbourne. This beast of a machine is extremely powerful, robust and reliable with convenient loading wheels. No more awkward lifting onto our Carlton Cleaning vans – we can now easily load machinery on board!

The immense power behind the Enforcer means that the drying time is exceptional and kept to a minimum. Once we have carried out carpet cleaning, the end results are amazing. The drying time far surpasses any other machine we have used before.

So overall, considering we have had limited use of this fantastic new carpet cleaning machine, we are very impressed with the results so far. The team are able to carry out carpet cleaning on larger areas – due to the machine’s capacity and equipped with 30m hoses and tools.

Watch this space for some amazing before and after photos coming your way!

If you are interested in getting your carpet cleaned, and are after that top spec professional clean, contact us for a bespoke quote today.



Summer School Cleaning

The team at Carlton Cleaning have been very busy since the start of the summer holidays. Yes, it may mean the children are having a nice well-deserved break, but this is our main opportunity to get into schools and give them a real spruce up before the new term starts.

We pride ourselves in carrying out school cleaning in Lincoln, Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas, to the very best standards possible. We understand the importance of children working in a safe and hygienic environment and reducing the spread of infections. These deep school cleaning jobs that we have carried out throughout Lincolnshire during the summer shutdown have included classroom cleaning, reception cleaning, office cleaning and staff room cleaning.

We have also carried out washroom deep cleaning, which entails steam cleaning the washrooms, sink areas and locker rooms. It is a good job we have some excellent professional high powered cleaning equipment.

Flooring restoration and cleaning was also part of the work we carried out within these Lincolnshire school cleaning jobs. Our highly skilled team carried out steam cleaning and scrubbing of both vinyl and tiled flooring, as well as cleaning and re-polishing of wooden floors too. We have been very busy indeed!

Did you see our latest blog post about the new ‘Enforcer’ carpet cleaner that arrived at Carlton Cleaning last week? We have been able to put this to fantastic use within the latest school cleaning jobs during the summer. It has completely overhauled the way we carry out carpet cleaning, and gives a more professional finish than we could have ever hoped for.

If you are based in Lincolnshire, and require Carlton Cleaning’s expert team to provide you with a flexible school cleaning service then please do contact us.

Whether you require daily school cleaning in Lincolnshire, or just a one-off deep clean, we can provide a cost-effective service.



Lincoln Pretty Muddy – Challenge Accepted!

By now, I am sure you are aware that here at Carlton Cleaning we like to do our bit for charity. Whether that is sponsoring a local charity bike ride, sponsoring the local Mablethorpe under 11’s football team, or supporting a brave veteran’s charity walk.

Our staff also like to do their bit – on the 15th July one of our members of staff (Ella) took part in the annual ‘Pretty Muddy’ Race For Life at the Lincolnshire Showground, along with her mum (Julia).

This intense 5K race is one of the muddiest obstacle courses that you will encounter, although you don’t get electrocuted like you do in Tough Mudder (thank goodness!). If you have not heard of it before, let us explain. Not only do you have the task of running 5K, but you are also faced with a series of wet and muddy obstacles on the way round that you have to scramble and climb over/through. It is great fun, but you definitely have to be prepared to do some serious cleaning and washing of clothes after!

Ella and her mum managed to complete this intense race in just under an hour, which is fantastic – huge congratulations to you both! We hope you are all recovered and managed to clean the mud off by now!

And of course, this was all for charity. Ella managed to raise £110 worth of donations solely online, with a further £100 cash donations from friends and family. This hasn’t stopped yet, they are still raising money today! Well done guys, you are supporting such a fantastic cause – I am sure Cancer Research will be over the moon to receive your donations.

Although the race is finished, if you would like to do your bit for charity and send a donation through – contact us and we can put you in touch with Ella.

Next step… Lincoln 10K next year?! Or maybe we will get a few more of the team signed up for Pretty Muddy next year. You will just have to keep following our updates to find out!



Scawby Village Hall

Carlton Cleaning were recently asked to carry out flooring cleaning and maintenance at a local village hall in Scawby, Brigg. We definitely had our work cut out! The entire floor area was approximately 145 sq/m, and that was without including the stage which was an additional 35 sq/m.

We have many years of experience when it comes to restoring wooden floors, and we use Lagler professional equipment and consumables from KHR ensuring the process provides perfect finish.

We began by sanding and removing the old coating from the surface of the floor. Once all the sanding, filling and re-sanding had been completed, it left the floor clean and smooth ready for the base coat. We applied a Junkers prelak performance primer which when dried out completely. This was followed by a top coat of Junkers Commercial Silk Matt. After allowing drying time, it was then machined with a P100 lagler sanding screens. Once vacuumed off and dry mopped with our high powered cleaning equipment, a second top coat was applied. The finish is outstanding and now protected for all foot traffic and with regular care maintainer will last for years to come.

If you are in need of flooring restoration, cleaning and maintenance, give Carlton Cleaning a call for a bespoke quote, tailored to your requirements. Our experienced team clean and maintain all types of hard flooring, delivering you the best and most cost-effective cleaning solution. We also carry our commercial cleaning, involving carpet and fabric deep cleans.




Sinclair Household & Animal Care

Recent High Level Cleaning

Our latest project involved 8 weekends of hard graft and a large volume of specialist cleaning equipment. We carried out high level industrial cleaning for Sinclair Household and Animal Care based in Gainsborough, who are renowned for manufacturing cat flea collars, flea spray, shampoos and health products. As you may have noticed, we seem to attract cleaning contracts that have a bit of history behind them. This project was no exception!

The site which we performed industrial cleaning for was originally owned by the Rose Brothers during WW2. If you were born locally, you will probably know that the Rose Brothers designed and built the Rose Turrett, which became famous on the Lancaster bomber plane. A great claim to fame!

Moving onto the high level cleaning that we carried out at this interesting Gainsborough location. We gave the whole site a thorough clean – from the food and non-food areas, to the full warehouse. It was a mammoth task, but our highly qualified PASMA approved members of staff made the cleaning look easy!

They did have a little helping hand from our new high powered cleaning equipment though – our Big Brute industrial vacuum made light work when it came to vacuuming the walls, ceilings, girders, beams and ducting pipes!

Our team of highly skilled operatives also used a 26-foot vertical personnel lift to ensure they could clean those hard-to-reach areas – just like with the Kenwick Park commercial clean that we undertook. This personnel lift was used alongside our 45-foot bi-fuel articulating boom to make the team’s work that little bit easier!

If you are located in the Gainsborough area and would like us to carry out either high level cleaning or industrial cleaning, contact us today.



Ye Olde Whyte Swanne – Louth

We were recently asked to carry out high level cleaning at Ye Olde Whyte Swanne in Louth. Safe to say, we had our work cut out! Armed with our deep clean flooring equipment, we headed on down.


To give you a bit of history, Ye Olde Whyte Swanne is on the Eastgate, in the historical Lincolnshire market town of Louth. The building dates back to 1625, when it was a coaching inn – featuring old wooden beams and quarry tiles. The building had been empty for some time, and was well overdue a professional clean! Our team faced thick dust, heavy cobwebs and mould.

Downstairs, the washrooms were all steamed and scrubbed, and the walls, woodwork and ceiling were manually cleaned. Our industrial floor cleaning equipment came in very handy – the floors had to be treated several times before we were happy with the result.

Upstairs consisted mainly of accommodation which had not been cleaned for some time! Most of the rooms were ensuite, so not only were we tasked with polishing up the rooms, but also the showers too. They were cleaned to the very highest of standards, like all of our work.

The mission that was the cellar!

Where do we begin to start with the cellar? We knew that a quaint Lincolnshire pub was bound to have a cellar. But even we were surprised at how dirty this had become! Half a day was spent clearing out the rubbish alone. That was before we could start on the cleaning process.

The kitchen also proved to be challenging – it was a real state. We started by taking down the extractor fans, and giving them a spruce up with our commercial cleaning equipment. Have a look at the before and after pictures how grim they were before we got our hands on them! We also carried out some cleaning work on some restaurants earlier on in the year.

We will be back to the Ye Old Whyte Swanne before they open for business – to give the place a final spruce up.

If you have are looking for contract cleaners in Lincolnshire, contact us today for a personalised quote.



St. James’ Church Louth

Carlton Cleaning had a visit from the Reverend Nick Brown, rector of Louth, at the beginning of February. He was looking for some much needed help to clean the flooring at St. James’ Church in Louth.


The church had been undergoing renovation to pipework and flooring which was still ongoing. Part of the church had been made accessible and temporary heating had been brought in ready for a memorial service planned on Thursday February 9th.

Cleaning work

Reverend Nick Brown had volunteers going to the church on Wednesday 8th February to help clean dust from surfaces and pews but needed the floors professionally cleaned. Carlton Cleaning were more than happy to assist with our services free of charge and carried out the cleaning of the floors along side the volunteers. The memorial service for Ros Hicks was led by the Archbishop of York as planned on the Thursday.



Medical floor cleaning

On several occasions Carlton Cleaning are requested to carry out medical and clinical cleaning in medical/clinical practices. This includes steam cleaning walls, equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings in theatres, treatment rooms and minor operations.

Recent work

Recently we carried a complete floor restoration of vinyl flooring at one of our clinical facilities. This involved removing all the old sealant/coating, then cleaning and neutralising the floor thoroughly. When this has been completed. we then apply two to three coats of a total floor treatment, which provides a longer lasting protection against foot traffic.

The picture below shows the finished floor. What a shine!



Restaurant Flue and Ducting Cleaning

During December Carlton Cleaning were contracted to carry out commercial cleaning and kitchen cleaning in Lincoln. We scrubbed extraction flues, ducting, internal and external cooker hoods and filters.

Restaurant One

At one Restaurant we carried out a full kitchen extraction clean – scrubbing up the extraction pipework, ducting from the bottom of the flue exit on U bend up to the roof tiles, and internal cooker hoods. This was done by initially scraping the grease away from the area first, followed by steam cleaning with a high pressure washer any grease that had become carbonised. Once this was complete, the roof tiles were then cleaned and floor cleaning was carried out to remove any oil, grease or debris left behind.

Restaurant Two

The second restaurant had a filthy kitchen, including oven hoods, deep fat fryer hood, sides of fryer and extraction pipe. The work was carried out using degreaser, scrapers, wire brushes/scourers, vacuum and industrial steamer. Carlton Cleaning carried out a full kitchen extraction cleaning service, resulting in a spotless restaurant kitchen.

Restaurants generally need this type of work to be carried out to ensure the areas are cleaned and to receive a hygiene certificate for insurance purposes.



Boston West Golf Cours

What the client wanted…

Boston West Hotel is located in Boston, Lincolnshire and is home to a golf course, conference rooms and is renowned for being a fantastic wedding venue. The owners, management and team are passionate about providing a memorable experience for all their customers. This is the reason why they called in experts Carlton Cleaning, to carry out contract and restaurant cleaning, to ‘spruce up’ the premises before the winter months set in.

Full internal and external clean

The Bungers Bar function room had the chandeliers restored back to their usual sparkle, and we also carried out flooring cleaning & maintenance

on the stone floor tiles, dance floor and wooden floor. The whole of the reception area had stone floor tiles, wooden flooring clean and polished, along with all the glazing internally/externally and frames cleaned by both hand and the use of a wash and pole system.



Christmas at Carlton Cleaning

Our Company Director, Simon Charlton decided to do something different for Christmas this year by making a donation to a local charity. The charity he chose was East Coast Homeless Organisation (ECHO), as he had heard about the fantastic work and support they do alongside other charity’s to provide food, warm clothing and housing for homeless people. They also work with charities to provide food parcels to families in need as well as Christmas presents to children who have no presents at all.

Doing our bit for charity

ECHO receive no funding or grants to continue their work in providing street kitchens, warm clothing and bedding for people living on the streets. They will be providing a Christmas dinner on and before Christmas Day to as many homeless people as they can from these street kitchens particularly in the Louth and Grimsby area. Simon’s donation which was handed to some of the volunteers at ECHO, took place at the Carlton Cleaning office on Wednesday 21st December 2016, in time for Christmas, included fresh turkeys, Christmas puddings, mince pies, and chocolates/sweets for the kitchens. In addition to the food items there are warm thermal lined hats and gloves, along with sleeping bags that will also be handed out.

The supportive messages from our team members received by Simon following the information sent out to them all regarding the donation was amazing. Thank you to all of you who have sent a message.



Carlton Cleaning would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of the team for the hard work and dedication shown throughout the year.

We would also like to send a big thank you to all our clients and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.






Industrial Cleaning – Lincolnshire

What the client needed…

Carlton Cleaning UK were recently instructed to carry out some high-level industrial cleaning at a local Lincolnshire based production/packaging company. The required areas for cleaning were mainly within the production and loading.

Our qualified team of operatives carried the work out over a ten night period alongside their nightly hygiene team, who work to maintain high standards of cleanliness at all times and to achieve the fantastic results which can be seen in our before and after images. This clean was very similar to the previous work we carried out for Greencell Limited back in June.

Industrial and commercial cleaning required

The production room needed the extractor fans and surrounding area on the ceiling cleaned, whilst the loading bay had netting on the ceiling where our operatives used an industrial vacuum to get the best result. One of the areas has to cope with a vast amount of steam in the daily cleaning process, which leads to parts of the ceiling to be affected by condensation marks, which was removed by our operatives.

During the whole process, our team used both a scaffold tower and cherry picker for access to the areas.  The Quality Departments and Management were overwhelmed by the standards of the clean and had these comments to make:

“A big thanks for the work completed, I can confirm we are very happy with the results and hope that we can call on your services again in the near future for our high-level cleaning requirements”.



Latest investments in high powered equipment

Carlton Cleaning UK has recently invested in updating its specialist cleaning equipment, including the purchase of the Big Brute, a high-powered industrial vacuum cleaner designed to tackle the toughest of dust industrial cleaning extraction challenges and ideal for working at height within industrial premises and factories. And the new MAC Internationals all have a stainless steel Avant Plus model hot/steam pressure washer, approved for use by the MOD since 2009, again to tackle the toughest of dirty projects.

New Duplex Roto

The company’s team also visited The Cleaning Show at London’s Excell Centre, the UK’s major event designed specifically for the Cleaning and Support Services sector, and placed orders with several exhibitors for some of the latest equipment and materials, including a DEFRA approved Duplex Roto wash/steam cleaner, which has proved powerful and highly effective in all hygiene environment’s particularly medical and clinical cleaning.

The Duplex scrubber dryer is unique. It washes, mops, scrubs, dries, polishes and disinfects all surfaces from awkward non-slip profile floors and tiles to rubber, timber, Flotex and carpet. An excellent choice for flooring restoration, cleaning and maintenance!

This machine’s remarkable performance makes it extremely robust and reliable for the most demanding tasks. In commissioned independent tests by the Hospital Infection Research Laboratory, Birmingham, this was the only steam machine supplier with certified data that proved that these machines kill bacterium most common in the environment, including Clostridium difficile.



A Breath of Fresh Air…


Carlton Cleaning UK Ltd is proud to announce that it has become the sole distributor in the Lincolnshire and Humber region of Viva!e Oxy-gen Air Fresheners; a revolutionary new eco-friendly fresh air solution.

Why Oxy-gen?

Ideal for all busy workplaces, including, factories, offices and medical centres, Viva!e Oxy-gen Air Fresheners, deliver fresh air and odour control continuously for 60 days and help remove many issues associated with traditional aerosol alternatives. We use these fantastic air fresheners within our office cleaning and medical cleaning work, giving you the very best environment to work in.

The Oxy-Gen Powered technology provides a new medical-grade innovation that harnesses the power of pure oxygen to deliver a consistent ambient fresh environment.

With a choice of 23 fragrant oils of various strengths, the units’ compact and stylish design and colour range will complement all public and private spaces, from luxurious lounges to working washrooms, neutralising odours rather than masking them, which makes walking into every room a pleasant experience. Within our washroom hygiene services, we are finding these air fresheners add the perfect finishing touch.

Want to find out more? Contact Carlton Cleaning UK Ltd on:  01507 607986




New look for Carlton Cleaning UK

To celebrate the launch of this new website, Carlton Cleaning UK Ltd has unveiled its smart new branding, designed to further reflect the company’s continuing high standards and professional service.

“We wanted our new brand and logo to be fresh, crisp and clean and also reflect our professional approach and attention to detail, “ says managing director Simon Charlton.

Upgraded Cleaning Fleet

“We have also invested in new additions to the fleet of branded service vehicles – our Ford Transit Connect, which was voted international van of the year, are all fuel efficient and fully kitted out with our top of the range cleaning equipment and materials. Our team of expert cleaning operatives are also proud to be wearing Carlton Cleaning’s new branded uniforms, so they will all be easily identified whilst being protected (PPE) when working on sites.”

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